Back to Backs

Simple little workout of repeated sets of back to back drills... As always, a good warm up goes a long way to a great workout....  And finish this set out with adequate recovery as well. This Back to Back is simple, Perform 3 x 1 minute drills of ONE exercise followed by 20 seconds on/off of the ENTIRE SERIES of short burst drills. Take recoveries as needed, of course (typically anywhere from 20-30 seconds for the 1 minute drills and 10-15 for the 20 second drills). Workout is approximately 50 min- 1 hour.

Long (3 x 1 min hard): Upper-Cut Cross Country, X-Box, Run, Gecko, Breast Stroke, Water Walk

Short Burst (20 on/off): Flutter Kick, Uppercut Punch, High Knee, Straight Shot Punch, Karate Kick with a full punch, Hook Punch

Now take a nap :o)