Strength (and more) workout

So, this workout was given to TRAIN as a strength workout (and then some).  Give it a try - but don't be surprised if it leaves you worked!! To increase intensity, use gloves or resistance bells (just watch over gripping; first timers may experience major forearm fatigue) and shorten the recoveries, just as you would do on land. This workout is approximately 50 minutes in length (which includes a warm-up and cool down).  

Upper: (approx. 18 min.)
Repeat series 6 times through. 20 sec. on/10-15 sec. rec. 1 min. jog between series:
Series: UpperCut Punch, Run, Straight Shot Punch, Run, Hook Punch, Run
      If using flotation resistance bells, the hydro belt may not be worn… as there may be enough flotation with the bells.

Core: (approx. 6 min.)
Cross Country Uppercut: 4 x 1 min. on/30 sec. rec. jog*

Lower: (approx. 25+min.) Repeat drill 4 times:

  • Karate Kick: 3x’s 20 sec. on/ 10-15 sec rec. jog

  • Flutter Kick: 4x’s 15 sec. on/ 8-10 sec. rec. jog

  • High Knees: 3x’s 15 sec. on/10 sec. rec. jog

  • Backward Cross Country (legs only): 3x’s 20-30 sec. on/ 15 sec. rec. jog

Finish you off: (approx. 4.5 min.)

  • Eddies: 3 sets of 1 min. Eddy Running at 85%+ effort, rec. 30 sec between each

Cool Down & Stretch