Hydro Hell,  aka The "Starter" Class

Hydro Hell,  aka The "Starter" Class
I gave this class to an experienced group of hydro runners who had taken some time off from my class... thus, I called it the starter class.  They called it hyrdo hell class; as it was a "wee" bit difficult for them.... who said hydro was easy??

Warm up (5-7 min)

Next, 1 Minute Each of the below Exercises. Note - each exercises has a full body, arms only and a legs only; 1 min. for each variation. Your steady state should be 75-80% effort. The arms only is very challenging; you must set your core first before you begin to power - or the stroke will not be grounded and it will fall apart.

  • BS
  • Run
  • X-co
  • Water Walk
  • Flying Runner


- 3 sets of Progressive Running x 1 min each: moving through three hand positions: open, closed, slice

- Sprints: Each exercise 20 sec. hard effort; recover jog between each. Perform the series 5 times through: Straight Shot Punch, High Knee, Run, UpperCut Punch, Flutter, and Hook Punch
- Repeat Progressive Running Set

Cool Down & Stretch (5-7 min)

Have FUN!!!