What is the BEST potassium rich food when training?

Let me answer that question with a statement: I have been a coach and a trainer and can give generalized nutrition and electrolyte information - but that is where I draw the line. I say this because it is something I'm asked by individuals I'm coaching to participants I teach to even co-workers.  There isn't a quick answer.  It's not to say I couldn't answer that statement with a one word response... it truly is because there usually is another question... or two...or three, which follow. 

The detailed information that can be provided by a registered dietitian who specializes in this area is truly outside my scope of knowledge. I can admit this; I know what I know, and I know what I don't know enough about to fully advise.

Why am I admitting this?  Because many people are looking for a quick bit of advice; that certain NUGGET that can make all the difference.  Nutrition is a science; it isn't just ONE THING.

I think the best advice I could offer on this topic is that if YOU have zero knowledge in health and fitness OR you gain your knowledge from quick fitness ‘apps’ or short tweets/blog posts, spend the money and work with a registered dietitian.  This doesn’t have to be a permanent expense line in your budget. But the relatively small investment you can make can set you on the correct stride for an active and healthy life.  

Information changes so rapidly in the health and fitness world. New research is coming out regularly, and having professionals who can sort through all the quick-fix dramatized information we are inundated with is your life raft in a sea of sharks.

As for potassium rich foods - you are all thinking bananas. However, believe it or not, they are not the best source of potassium….bananas are actually way down on the potassium rich food scale. They do not compare with other top sources of potassium such as apricots, dates, beet greens, winter squash or yams.  I think bananas became the go to food as they are delivered in a convenient package that you can take anywhere, that is, if you don't put it at the bottom of your gym bag....