Working out in the water isn’t cool, right?

So I was walking onto the campus,heading to the gym today, chatting with a faculty member who was limping their way up the short rise to the front doors.  And in conversation, I found out that this person had tendinitis from “overdoing it” on land.  When I mentioned water training, we had an awkward conversation that went around in circles to why they could not do it.  Now, I must admit, this wasn't the first time I have been faced with this type of response when talking about training in the water.... and I know it won't be my last. The conversation went something like this: 

Person: Well, um, I think it would be too hard on my foot when I move it….

Mel: Actually, you are working it harder now just walking up this hill to the gym. Water can be supportive or work against it for strengthening – you choose.

Person: I think I’m not ready to go in the water yet….”

Mel: You are better off working in the water rather than going into the gym and doing exercises on land, especially with that limp. In water, you can have almost 90% of your body weight come off that joint.

Then it happened.  The actual reason came out: “…but water isn’t cool”


Sometimes am frustrated with the perception people have of water training - I look forward to it being fully embraced a true foundational training method. 

When I think of shifting people’s perceptions though and the momentous effort this change will take – it would be like scaling Everest. There are days where I feel that I have at least reached base camp; but then like today, I am looking at Everest from Lukla or Katmandu.