Epiphany of a young person

So, yesterday at my 'day' job, I was chatting about hydro workouts with a 20-something year old, and they wondered why they would want to supplement their land based workouts for water. I feel like I'm always on a sales pitch for saving people's joints; but especially for younger people.  

I chatted with this person about healthy training, taking care of your body now for it's future...yadda yadda yadda....... but what really sold this person was when I mentioned junk miles.  

Many people run daily as a means for weight loss, to reduce anxiety, aid with symptoms associated with depression, to  train for events, you name it. However, in many cases this daily pounding, or junk miles, contributes only to long-term joint issues.  Junk miles, for those of you who do not know, are miles run which do not provide training benefit.

I meet more people my age hobbling around on 'bad knees'; claiming they 'use to be a runner.' When I ask, they usually tell me they ran every day.  Numerous studies already shown the long term effects of daily running usually does not end well for a majority of the society.  The problem is the blinders young people wear; they cannot see that far off future... they only experience the now. 

What was great about this interaction with the twenty-something year old was that he was able to see himself in his parents; I guess I was describing them to a "T".  He loves them, but doesn't want to be inactive like them in the future.  

I look forward to seeing him in my next water class.