Deep water for joint health

I was asked recently to write a blub for a rather well known blogger.....And when I did, my thoughts just kept circling around joint health.  Rather than focus on every aspect of this amazing platform, I just kept it centered on joints.  I realized I should post this on my Go Deep page as well.  Basically, we have an ever growing society of cross-fitters, marathoners, HIIT players and more - and the common connection with them all is joint impact.  In the blog post, I gave an analogy of joint trauma today as our sunbathing society of yesteryear.  We didn't think that baking in the sun could eventually have long lasting issues; but it does. I think of joint health just like skin health.  The long term effect will been seen eventually, and it just will not be pretty.  Working in water, especially deep water, has no joint impact force.  Running can generate approximately 600-900 pounds of impact force with each stride.  So, I think of being kind to your joints for the long run (no pun intended)!