Enjoy the Fitness Journey

This last week I HIT the water with two friends; one an experienced hydro person, the other, new. I had a realization that comes to me every time I have people with such mixed experiences: water training isn't easy.  

Watching the new person realize that unless her core was engaged, the workout felt "easy." She also felt like her limbs were flying about uncontrollably (and they were :O).  Hydro training is all about your core - if it isn't working, typically the rest of your body isn't either.  

Then, watching my friend who was experienced try some equipment (bells and gloves) - she reverted right back to almost beginner-lack-of-coordination movement pattern.... she was giggling half of the time because she KNEW she wasn't doing the motions correctly.... and all she was trying to do was run with the flotation bells!! She knows enough out of the last few years of water training that her movements weren't right: her shoulders were too high, she wasn't following through on her arm strokes - which affected her leg stride.... and so forth.

What this week's epiphany told me is that training, whether it is on land or in the water, should have a solid foundation. Over the years, I have seen people training who try to fast-forward through developing their foundational movements; this is usually met at a cost.  Introducing my experienced friend to new equipment was fine for her, as she had a grounded knowledge base. However, if I had introduced my inexperienced friend to the same equipment; what would have been her take away?  I feel she wouldn't have reaped the rewards of the workout. Rather, she would have received complete frustration and possibly forearm strain (bells can do this if you don't know how to use them properly or lack the muscle strength to engage with them properly). 

So, take time on your fitness journey; learn every step before moving to the next.  It is a fun ride if you choose to take it!