Why YOU should train in the water?

Why Now? Why do we think deep water training will be embraced by the masses?

Extreme fitness is mainstream; where will our bodies be 10, 15 or 30 years from now.  It isn’t about volume; it’s about being smart with your body.  I truly see deep water fitness training finally going mainstream.  Social media; athletes showing their behind the scenes training “tricks”... all of it will play a role in popping this method of training to the masses.

I think it has sat in the backseat because of the typical thoughts people have (mentioned earlier).  With people's renewed interest in training methods such as H.I.I.T., Cross Fit, and other types of intense workouts, the time is ripe for program directors and fitness professions to give deep water interval training another look. They need to have a platform of intense training that their membership/clients can do that will not contribute to bodies breaking down from overuse and repeated strains from intense sports.