It’s not your grandma’s water aerobics ('s your GYM in the water)

It is still a wonder to me why deep water training hasn’t been embraced by extreme athlete. Google it. You can find countless peer-reviewed journal articles touting the many benefits. However, I think it just cannot shake the image of workouts to the oldies in the shallow end.   I know I have a rather epic journey ahead of me to change athletes thinking - but it will be a fun one (I do have an odd sense of fun). 

I’ve had some people ask me what my goal is with HIT Method training.  It truly is to teach as many people how to use it in their own training plans, so they can stay healthier and pursuing their athletic adventures for more years. I'm setting up workshops that are geared for both the coach/trainer/fitness instructor AND fitness enthusiasts (like how I wrote my book with my best friend and co-author).

The goal isn't to water train to let go of all your land based activities (however,  for some, it may be their only option).  Rather, water training supplements land-based training.  Think of it as your "gym" in the water.  People hit a weight room to work functional fitness, strength train, focus on flexibility - you name it.  Water is just another avenue to use for your a well rounded training program.

But, even with that said, I think I will shoot a video with a group cranking out a HIT workout wearing frilly swim caps!